Why we're crowdfunding

In January, 2022, pre-production for Disclosure began in earnest. With news concerning the topic of UFO Disclosure becoming increasingly more prominent in media and political arenas, two friends decided the time was right to immediately begin addressing the topic of Disclosure and its theological and philosophical implications. 

Using our own funds and equipment, we sent forth to capture commentary from world thought leaders and theologians regarding this topic. In less than a month, we produced a sample reel giving a taste of what we're aiming for in the feature-length version of Disclosure. However, in order to give this production wings to fly and eventual distribution to audiences around the world, we need your support.

With the money raised from this crowdfunding effort, we will have the resources to capture thought-provoking interviews with world-renowned theologians, philosophers, political figures, and thought leaders who can help unpack the topic of Disclosure and its theological implications. Additionally, your financial support will help ensure we have the proper equipment and talent to create an award-worthy documentary. 

Together, through the production of this documentary, we will find answers to the deep questions surrounding Disclosure and its theological implications.

Thank you for your help!

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