Is your faith prepared for Disclosure?


The day is not far distant when the faith of Christians everywhere will be tested to the core. That fateful day when the truth of the UFO phenomenon is finally “fully” disclosed, and the curtains of secrecy are flung open—the day when all of Earth’s inhabitants will awaken to the sobering reality that extra-terrestrial beings have been interfacing with the human family for generations.


Stunned by the announcement, millions of Christians will shake their heads in bewilderment, wondering if they’ve been duped by the Biblical narrative all along. After all, none of their Sunday school lessons mentioned anything about UFOs and aliens.


Yet, absorbing the truth of UFOs and aliens need not be a paradigm-shattering experience. Rather, with just a little mental flexing and some basic Biblical digging, Christians can reconcile their faith with the UFO phenomenon.

The purpose of this documentary is simple: To help preserve and rescue the faith of Christians who have trouble reconciling the UFO phenomenon with their Christian belief.



With official "disclosure" of the UFO phenomenon already underway, the timely production of Disclosure is of utmost importance. 

Completion of the film is slated for Summer 2022.

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